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RUTR 1 and 2

The Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim contest started today – I’ve been anxiously waiting for this contest to start (even going as far as to drag Michelle into a Timmies to see if the contest started yesterday).

They axed the $1000 prizes but replaced it with a lot of $50 gift cards, and decided to throw in a boat instead of a bike. Unfortunately, we live in Alberta – not only do we have to buy a trailer for the boat, but we have to get it near a body of water.

Oh well, that won’t deter me anyways. Toyota Matrix XR, here I come!

Latest Statistics:
Record: 0 – 2
Spent: $3.18
Won: $0.00

[RUTR 2008 Current Stats]

Toronto – Half-week 3


The Calgary airport, with a gifted present showing in my bag

I don’t think I’ll ever spend a whole week in Toronto – Its ridiculous how frequently I spend little busts of time here.


Technical blurriness caused by error between Nick and the D300.

Director Nick picked me up from the airport – its super nice because I’m actually seeing him more often than I expected. We headed to the Loose Moose by the Fairmont hotel for “Sliders” (rad mini burgers), and cheered for the Raptors as they almost made it back from a close game.

[Clarification: Neither Nick or I even remotely enjoy basketball]


Nick’s photo: The Fairmont Royal York, showing the grand distance of the hallway

Air Canada - Standby Air Canada - Pity Kit

I ended up taking a “standby” ticket for an earlier flight, in hopes of making it back to Calgary an hour earlier. I did make it on, and Air Canada decided to award me with leaving my baggage behind. To make up for missing my baggage, they gave me this wonderful pity kit, complete with toothbrush, razor, laundry detergent and a fresh XL undershirt (I barely fit smalls).

Air Canada - In Air Advertisement

Oh, and one more thing – Air Canada is a complete sell-out, and not in the good way. They have advertisements that play after the safety video, with audio throughout the whole cabin, and also three minutes of non-stop advertisements before you watch any show. Hard to believe we pay so much money just to be bombarded with ads and bad service.

Thanks Air Canada.

New Ski Gear

Nordica GTS 12 Ski boots

Nothing like spending the weekend buying some new gear, to break them in on the hills next week. Damn sexy GTS12 boots – they even match the Dynastar Contact Carbon skis I got.

So excited… :)

McDonalds “Red Pocket”

The McDonalds in Hong Kong gives away these cool brown “red pockets” with a purchase of the Black Pepper Chicken or Beef sandwich, with curly fries, all presented in an awesome mouse box. HK is so cool.

2008: Year of the Rat


My mom says that this year is supposed to be “bad” for rats… I’m not sure how that works, since I am one myself. I guess its something like “Happy Chinese New Year to everyone but rats – since its your year, we’ll celebrate how crappy your year may potentially be”. Thanks mom.

I’m supposedly not compatible with rabbits… Did we already prove that wrong? :D

Those Improv Everywhere guys are great – first the Slo-Mo Home Depot, and now this: the Frozen Grand Central.

In short: On Jan 31, the amassed about 200-some people, and inside Grand Central Station in NY, at exactly 2:30pm, all froze for 5 minutes. Absolutely hilarious.

Read the details at Frozen Grand Central

Japanese Candy

I have no idea what this candy is, but it tastes awesomely good.

From what I can somewhat decypher, this candy is Japanese (obvious point +1), and when you pop it in your mouth, is a combination of yogurt and fruit. If you’re curious as to the web site of this candy

Thanks Angela, for picking up this thing for me since I couldn’t find it at T&T by myself. -_-

On life…

Take care of yourself, and the rest will come.

I contemplated an alternative title, but I figure the current title was better than “On efficiency…” ;)


Even though I get about 1,000 unique visitors a month, some days I wonder if this website is really connected to the internet.

Then I see that the anti-spam plug-in has blocked 20,000 some spam comments…

The 24/7 model

Kevin building computer
Kevin building computer and reading the manual Kevin building his computer

Kevin finally got his computer parts a month after ordering them, and since he was piecing his computer together, I figure I’d take advantage of having a roommate as a 24/7 model.

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