Photo Booths by Jon Lin Photography

Premium, large open air photo booth company located in Calgary, AB, Canada.


The premium photo booth experience

Large open-air photo booth studios

You invest so much time to dress up and look sharp for your event, so we make sure you can show your entire self off! With our large open-air photo booth studio, we'll be able to take great photographs highlighting you from head-to-toe, because your shoes are just as important as your hair.

We don't leave anyone out of the picture. While our booths are fantastic for couple or two, we design our photo booths to make sure everyone you want to bring in looks great - our current record is currently 27 people in one photo! 

Simple and creative experiences

We love you just the way you are, and we think you are the best prop you can bring to a photo booth! Our experienced photographers guide you to look fabulous on-set. If your guests are a little camera shy, we don't mind using some of the props to warm them up!

Your venue makes for a beautiful background, and we strive to use memorable places whenever possible. We are also more than happy to supply a backdrop of your choice, or curate a specially designed background for you.

Either way, you will come out with a picture that showcases your event, and your guests personalities!

Unlimited prints with your unlimited poses

Self-serve printing kiosks, available immediately after your guests are done their poses, mean your guests can print as many photos as they want, so no awkward moments asking the photographer for a reprint... or six! The high-speed printer means your guests waste no time, either heading to the dance floor or back into the photo booth!

After the event, we'll also create a website so your guests can download their favorites. You'll get an high quality originals for yourself to keep too, so you can complement your photo booth pictures alongside your wedding photographer photos! 

What's included?

We're a hassle-free partner in your event. We'll collaborate with you to make sure we provide a stellar experience for your guests. Included is:

  • All your consultations with us to make sure we fit your event perfectly
  • Transportation & setup time for our large open-air studio photo booth
  • Unlimited self-serve 4x6 print kiosk
  • A sharing website for one year after the event
  • High quality originals

If there is something we can do to make your event a little more memorable, collaboration with you is our forte. 

We'll fit right in.

You've got a vision for your event, and we've got a large photo booth to make it happen! Ready to get started?